• G-Pro Industrial Services, LLC is an injection molding company located in Biddeford, Maine.
  • We provide injection molding services for small-volume to large-scale programs in a wide variety
    of materials and fulfillment requirements.
  • We pride ourselves in specializing in Thermoplastic Elastomers for standard and complex molding processes often inovating new manufacturing processes to solve our clients unique needs.
  • Our team is dedicated to providing the highest quality product made according to your specifications at a price that allows you to keep your products made in the USA!
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G-Pro is capable of processing a wide range of materials from standard consumer grade plastics to specialty, custom formulated resins. From Nylons, Polyolefins to Thermoplastic Elastomers and more your product needs will be met. Our clients rely on us to meet not only the physical needs of the produt itself, but their envoirmental requirments and federal . Many of our clients look to G-Pro as a primary source for food and medical grade plastic processing especially in TPE materials.



Insert Molding allows us to mold plastic over, around or through a pre-molded or preexisting component. These components can be metal or plastic of the same different than material a the over-molded area. Utilizing insert molding can reduce final product cost by limiting the amount of metal needed to create a part. This molding technique allows for the assembly of discrete parts and often eliminates the need for soldering, fasteners, connectors, or adhesives.

Planet Dog Manufacturing Facility


Overmolding involves plastic injection molding of one material over a second material. This process requires extensive knowledge of material properties and molding processes to ensure that the two components create either a chemical or mechanical bond, depending on the goal of your product. Overmolding can allow for flexible materials and rigid materials to combine into one finished part eliminating the need for adhesives or additional assembly steps to completion.


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